S.N.I.T. – Student Nurse In Training

{November 4, 2015}   Another Step Forward

Well, I’m still progressing on getting everything that I need lined up before the start of the semester.  I’m definately more relaxed with regards to my vaccinations.  While I won’t have the 3rd shot of Hep B done before school starts in January I spoke with the administrative assistant at Pima Nursing and she assured me that they are going to be working with me and that it will not be an issue that prevents me from starting as scheduled. So THRILLED to hear that!! I was worried and was not looking forward to having to start the process over again in the new competative program they recently implimented.

I received my fingerprint clearance card late last week, so that’s one more thing I can cross off my TO-DO list!  LOL.  That is probably the least thing that I worried about (except for worrying about getting it before the end of November). I have my physical scheduled for the middle of this month – and that is going to cost me $66! Ouch!  I would have done it through my doctor but I’ve already had my yearly free wellness check that my insurance allows so I was afraid that it would cost me more to to through my doctor than the clinic the school recommended.  Plus they do these physicals all the time and know what they need to do to complete them correctly.

I also have to schedule my CPR class for sometime in the next couple of weeks.  It’s only a half day and they actually have classes available on Saturday’s which works perfectly.

Other stuff that I’ve been looking into were shoes for school. I need some comfortable solid white sneakers. I’ve done some research online and found Skeachers was a brand that was continually recommended as a good shoe for nurses. And luckily there is a skeachers store near my home so I can go check them out and see what they have to offer. Hopefully, I can find something that will help keep my feet from getting too tired standing for long periods of time. I’m going to be going from sitting for most of my work day to standing….

et cetera