S.N.I.T. – Student Nurse In Training

{January 18, 2016}   Worse Time Best Time

So, here it is just a couple of days before the start of school.  It’s been a crazy time just getting to this point.  I attended “Student Nursing Boot Camp”. This is a day long seminar that is put on by the student nursing club at Pima College. The presenters are mainly current nursing students who give incoming students their view and opinions on school, including tips for studying and preparing for tests and  the clinical porition.  It’s also a chance to scare the heck out of the new students!  We were told these next two years would be both the worse time of our life and the best time of our life. You can expect to cry and be stressed out, but at the same time you will enjoy both what you are learning and you will make good friends with your fellow students. They are the only ones that can understand what you are going through and may be the ones to give you the most support to get through it. It’s also a matter of finding a balamce between school and your personal life – so that you can have a personal life.

We got to take a tour of the skills lab and look at the computer runned “patients” (dolls) that we will be practicing on. They were cool with eyes that blink and they are able to talk and make sounds like groaning and coughing. The college has the lab are made up to look like hospital units incluing the equipment that is currently used in most hospitals.

Scheduling, I am learning, is a strong key to success.  You need to get good at scheduling and planning your upcoming week. This includes scheduling exercise and down time and even a task like making dinner.

In the last couple of days I’ve received my syllabuses for drug calculations, intro to Pharmacology and the Nursing lectures and skills labs along with the reading assignments schedules and testing dates.  OH man, tale about being overwhelmed – there is A LOT of reading for the lectures and the pharmocology class. One of the second semester students has gotten into a routine of reading 20 pages a day. 5 days a week to keep up with her reading. That sounds like a doable goal to set.

So my first week starts Tuesday – but this first week is really nothing but orientation sessions. I don’t even start drug calculations and pharmocolgy until next Monday.which is good because I don’t have my books yet!  Hopefully my financial aid increase comes through this week so that I can get what I need. This is just another thing that adds stress.



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